What started out as a story board, ended up as a at least decent illustration. So: I did a first print and started selling the book locally as a form of "Real Life Market Research". Even though a final version would need more professional illustrations the results have been great: The book resonates really well with parents, book store owners, the press and most importantly: The children! Several people have told me that Ziggy is a new "Must" before going to bed.

All thats missing now? A Publishing House.

Maybe yours?

Sweet dreams,

Ziggy Starsleeper

Ziggy is a little rabbit – with a gigantic curiosity. Even though he should be in bed, he still has one more question: Why do stars only shine at night? His wise father naturally knows: each star is a child´s dream! And he can even tell what the children are dreaming about. But what will Ziggy´s dream be? And what about yours?

A lovable little good night story. About the joy of dreaming. About the comfort parents‘ love can give. About children‘s curiosity and Ziggy the little rabbit who will find a place in your heart. 

Text & Illustration: Martin Ferfers
22 pages, Age range: 2-5 years

A heartwarming children´s book about curiosity, dreams & love

Everybody loves Ziggy!

„This just might be one of the
best children books I have ever read.“
Sina, childcare worker

„Ziggy is our daughters new hero:
No going to bed without him anymore.“
Julia, mother

„I have seen Ziggy‘s star in my dream.“
Paul, 3 year-old

„My customers love the book!“
Bärbel Ratka, book store owner

„I am so glad I took the opportunity
to publish this modern children´s book classic!“
You in 5 years

If you believe only half as much as I do, the last sentence could become reality as well, we definitely should talk.

ziggy@spark-innovation.de . +491772754223

All thats missing?


German version? Go here: www.siggi-sternenschlaefer.de

Last but not least:

Draw Ziggy´s Dream

What could Ziggy be dreaming? And what do you dream of?

Draw it, paint it, craft it!

Download pictures to print out and colour in here!